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Behavioral Problems

Definition of “Behavioral Problems”
-Dogs just want to please you most of all

Oftentimes, it is important to examine your perspective of a dog's “behavior problems” before attempting to change behavior. Dogs do what comes naturally.It's important to ensure that you communicate your expectations to them consistently and in a form they can understand. It is also important to evaluate the ways in which the environment contributes to dog misbehavior and what modifications can help to improve it. Dogs want to please you- the challenge is making sure they succeed!For example, barking is a behavioral trait that humans have encouraged and relied upon for awareness of others and in communicating with working dogs (e.g., beagles in hunting activities, bomb-sniffing dogs, etc.). However, dogs often reside in areas where excessive barking is not appropriate. Additionally, dogs naturally greet each other and humans with enthusiasm and vigor. Many people appreciate this behavior, but in some areas it may be inappropriate- for instance when they greet young children or senior individuals. We work with you to optimize the behavior of your dog to best suit its environment. Every dog is different, but they all want to please you most of all.